Can I use more than one discount code when I check out?

No, on our website we do not allow more than one code to be used at a time.

 Is it possible to get a sample?

We're sorry but we do not give out  free sample. Subscribe to our email subscriptions for discounts and sales.

Do you ship out of the US?

Yes, we do ship outside of the U.S. See our Policy Page for more details.

 If something says 'out of stock' can I still get it?

We try our hardest to make sure we're fully in stock with all our products at all times. But we do not allow our customers to purchase 'Out Of Stock' items. We ask that you subscribe to our email list so that you can be the first to know when an item goes on sale or when its back in stock.

I bought something last week and its on sale this week how can I get the difference? Will it automatically go back on my card? 

No money will be given back for items purchased before a sale. Subscribe to our email list to get discount codes, deals, sale dates, and more. We promise there will be more sales, some bigger and better than the last!

Can I buy from you in person?

We now offer local "Pick Ups." After you've paid for your orders you will receive a email and/or text message within 24hrs for pick up order. Once you receive it, we'll meet at the designated spot which is the local post office. This does not mean the items are in a box to pick up. This just simply means you're agreeing to meet us there and pick up the items, Please wait in your vehicle until instructed otherwise. But keep in mind, if you request to 'pick up' your order, then it is your responsibility to confirm a date and time for your pick up. (Again: After purchasing you'll receive a email so you won't have any confusing.).   

For any more questions, comments or concerns please view our policy page or email us at: keepingitjazzy@protonmail.com