Policy Page


Absolutely no exchanges or refunds on ANY products. All sales are FINAL! This is due to the nature of the business (What is the nature of the business? (Hair/Cosmetics). Neither hair or cosmetics cannot be resold after being handled or worn by the buyer. For this matter, all of our items are non-refundable and can not be exchanged.



Returns are only accepted if you were sent the wrong item(s). The return item(s) must be in its original state. This item must be unworn and must have the receipt when sent back to the correct address listed. If any questions please email: keepingitjazzy@protonmail.com 



Because of how fast we ship (same day shippng or next day) all sales are final, once an order has been placed, we can not cancel it. Please read each description carefully and look at each photo to be sure this is the item(s) you want.



 After you purchase your items, you'll receive an email on your order. It will be available within 24hrs. If this isn't a good time for you please let us know via email. It will be your responsibility to set a new time for the meet up (You can schedule a new time but the place will always be the same location as the one in the original email/text). But please keep in mind we will not hold your order for a long period of time. After one week (7 full days weekends included) your order will be refunded and items places back on the website.



Because all of our items are on hand, we offer same day and next day shipping during the weekdays (Monday-Friday). If your ordered isn't shipped the same day its ordered, it will be shipped off the following business day (Monday-Friday).

US shipping is 3-7 business days via USPS Priority Mail (this is with no delays and perfect weather condition). Times may vary. 

After your payment is processed and your order is fulfilled, a tracking number will be sent to you via email. (This email will be the same one you used to place your order.) Allow 24-48 hours to receive your tracking number. If at least 48 hours has passed and you still have not received the tracking number please email us your first and last name along with your order number and let us know the issue at: keepingitjazzy@protonmail.com.

Please note: This shipping timeframe does not include weekends, sale periods, severe weather, pandemics, carrier delays, or holidays. Expect delays during those times. 



International shipping 6-10 business days via USPS Priority Mail (after your payment has been processed). to get to you. 

We can not ship internationally to a postal box or mailing center. A physical address is required. CUSTOM FEES may apply. Some countries put tax on orders that come in from other countries. This is a fee that you, the buyer, are responsible for. It is vital to research or have an understanding on the custom fees where you live. Some places require you to pay the fee before you are able to pick up your packages. Also when the package is being held in customs it may take an additional 1-5 days for them to inspect the package. 



Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a right side part wig. Any other parting or styling might be unsuccessful.

Keep in mind ALL hair sheds. Our wig isn’t any different, there is minimum shedding. We must also advise if you do decide to bleach and/or color your hair there is a chance of damaging the hair without proper care and causing the wig to shed more. You must take care of the wig properly. This wig is glueless but if you do install, bleach, dye, or more, please go to a licensed professional. 

Also this wig has a HD lace. Because HD is a thinner lace, it’s easier to tear. Please be careful with plucking, installing, or combing the wig. Please be gentle with ANY type of installing or maintaining this wig. HD lace can either be tint, dye, or put make up on the lace so it can match your skin tone. And again we advice you go to a licensed professional. For anymore questions please see our FAQ, policy pages, or email us at keepingitjazzy@protonmail.com. 



No exceptions! Please read our terms and conditions as well as our policy pages before purchasing.

You provide the hair and we convert it into a wig. Wigs are a luxury and you deserve the best, with our service you can get just that. 

So what this means is that you'll ship in your bundles, closure, or frontal and we will convert it into a wig. However, there are a few rules that go as followed:

  • No pre-cut lace.
  • No re-used bundles.
  • Bundles can not be cut pryer to shipping them to us.
  • Must know your exact head size and measurements.
  • Must specify the styling (straight, curls, baby hairs, etc.).
  • We will not add in extra bundles nor give bigger closures nor a closure for a frontal.
  • No wet or tangled hair

You must know your measurements, because the hair is being shipped in we can not measure your head ourselves. In order for us to create the perfect custom glueless wig for you, we suggest you follow the guard provided to help ensure you get the perfect fit. 

Keep in mind the quality of the hair you're providing. Not all hair is the same and some hair with lower quality (no matter what) can not be manipulated into certain styles. You know the quality of hair that you're providing, so please be mindful of that when filling out the styling options and shipping in the hair. With all due respect, I am a wig stylist not a magician. 

If any of these steps aren't done  properly we will ship you back your hair and issue you a refund. These are in place to help give you an easy experience. Please make your you full out all the drop downs listed. Also, please allow 10-14 business days for. The does not start until we receive the hair and closure/frontal. This does not include weekends, holidays, natural disasters, mail delays, etc.



Your billing and shipping address MUST be the same. If it does not match then your order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.


We are NOT responsible for any allergic reactions or allergies from any of our products. A description of the ingredients are posted. Please read the descriptions on each products before purchasing. If you are allergic to any of our products please do not purchase.

We are NOT responsible for any damaging of our wigs, hair bundles, closures, or frontals may receive in transit. We do damage control with all of our products and we package our products as safe as possible. All sales are final.

We are NOT responsible for any lost/stolen or damaged packages/item(s). You will not receive a refund for any lost/stolen or damaged packages/item(s). Your order will not be replaced. Also, we are NOT responsible for any late shipments due to holidays, natural disasters, state of emergencies, pandemics, weather carrier delays or etc. Or any other delays fitting this description.

Your tracking number will be updated once its been shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS) carrier. After it is picked up from USPS, they will update the tracking each time their employees handle it.

If you input an incorrect address at checkout and your package was still sent out, you will need to contact USPS to change your address. 

If your package ends up getting sent back to us, you will then be responsible for the additional shipping changes in order for us to resend you your order.  

If you will not be home on the expected arrival date/time, you can request to have your package held at your local USPS post office via www.USPS.com.

If you check your tracking number and it says 'DELIVERED', but you have not yet received it, USPS Customer Service should be contacted. 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

If you receive your package and it is damage you should call 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)  or go to www. USPS.com )to file a claim. Again:We are not responsible for any damage, lost, or stole item(s) or packages. 

Thank you for your business. By reading and checking the box before purchasing, you are agreeing that you have read this page and have full understanding of our polices.

If you have any more questions or concerns that have not been answered on our Policy or FAQ page please email us at: keepingitjazzy@protonmail.com.

As always we appreciate your business.